Life is High !

Babadag teleferik elevates your life to new heights at Babadağ – one of the most stunning locations in Turkiye and the world.

Main Station
Situated at an elevation of 226 meters along the main road of Ölüdeniz, serves as the focal point for cable car ticket purchases, information and administrative functions.

Station 1200
Station 1200 marks the initial stop on the journey towards the summit of Babadağ. Here, at our 1200 Restaurant, you will savor flavors showcasing the finest culinary offerings from Anatolia. Moreover, you'll bear witness to exhilarating moments as adventure enthusiasts rendezvous with the sky, all while taking in the unparalleled vista of the Teras Cafe.

Station 1700
At Station 1700, you will be enthralled by captivating moments set against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset from our viewing terrace. As you indulge in the delectable flavors and specially crafted wines at 1700 Grill & Wine Bar, your memories will be engraved into your hearth. Additionally, a leisurely stroll along the nature trail, flanked by a biologically diverse pond and cedar trees, will reveal nature's bounty, as you share in the excitement of paragliders taking off from a height of 1700 meters. It should be mentioned without forgetting that It's impossible to miss our extraordinary chairlift that beckons you with its stunning view to reach 1800 meters.

Station 1800
Station 1800 features the 1800 Burger House restaurant, where you can relish delectable hamburgers while soaking in the panoramic views. The adrenaline-fueled take off here offers an added thrill.

Station 1900 / Babadağ Peak
At an elevation of 1900 meters, you'll find yourself at the pinnacle of Babadağ, where excitement reaches its zenith. all while experiencing the adventure of exploring the Patara and Kuzey Take offs from the summit.