About us

The story of Babadag Teleferik dates back to the early 2000s. Although the start date of the project was 2004, the project was postponed due to the lack of resources of the period and on July 7, 2011, with the initiatives of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the project came to the agenda again.

After the tender process, we started the construction process of Babadağ Teleferik in August 2017 with the road work on the 1700-1800 chairlift line. We have completed a difficult process in the region full of rocks and cliffs, leaving behind us. We re-used the rock excavated in the road construction on our stone walls and brought them back to use of our facility.

We advanced the process by conducting serious feasibility studies at every step in the construction of Babadag Teleferik. We updated the old main station of 10 thousand m² with a capacity of 63 vehicles to have a capacity of 490 vehicles on an area of ​​​​70 thousand m².

We increased the plan of the old cable car building of 2 thousand m² to 5 thousand m². Although all these updates require an additional budget of 30% to the cost of the first tender, we have never given up on our work and dreams.

Thanks to these updates, we not only increased the capacity of the existing areas, but also made it possible for our guests to watch the unique view as they ascend to the peak of Babadağ.

To be able to host an average of 10 thousand guests per day in Babadağ Teleferik within the body of Kırtur Group, to offer unique tastes with our restaurants with four different concepts at five different points; We are proud to experience all the joys of life with our open-air theatre, observation terrace, walking paths and world-famous paragliding take-off areas.