Cable Car & Chairlift Ticket

Working Hours

0549 796 43 70

Working Hours

0549 796 43 70

*Depending on the weather conditions, Cable Car & Chairlift working hours may vary.

 The weather is getting colder after sunset time. Please don’t forget bringing with you jacket or jumper.


Our Transport Rules

1- Cable car is a public transport vehicle and each cabin is for 8 people.

2. For a more comfortable and safe ride, follow the safety warnings from the staff.

3. For your activities such as trekking, hiking or walking, do not go out of the specified areas by following the warnings of the security staff.

4. All our guests who purchase tickets are deemed to have accepted the Passenger and Baggage Transport Rules published on

5. Our ticketed passengers using our facility are insured throughout their journey.

6. It is forbidden to consume food and beverages other than water in the cabins and chairlifts.

7. Our guests aged 7 and under are free of charge and cannot use the chairlift.

8. Our guests aged 8-12 can use the chairlift, provided that they are with an adult.

9. Bringing food and beverage from outside of the facility is not allowed.

10. Smoking is prohibited in the cabins.

11. It is forbidden to listen music loudly in the cabins.

12. Our facility is monitored with security cameras 24 hours a day.

Baggage and Ticket Retention
1. Each passenger traveling on the cable car has the right to carry 1 piece of luggage (Max. 8 kg).

2. It is forbidden for passengers to carry flammables, explosives and radioactive materials under any circumstances.

3. Our company is in no way responsible for the damage or loss of the goods brought by the passenger.

4. Tickets must be kept for the duration of the journey.

Trip Cancellations
1. It is possible the cable cars may not operating due to strong wind, extreme cold and in case of natural disasters (In this case,1. It is possible the cable cars may not operating due to strong wind, extreme cold and in case of natural disasters (In this case, the ticket will be refunded).

2. In cases where we close our facilities at 1700, 1800 and 1900 meters due to weather conditions, your ticket is only valid for 1200 meters. In this case, tickets are not refundable. Passengers passing through the boarding turnstile are deemed to have accepted these conditions.


1- Ages 7 and above are subject to a fee.

2- Gidiş – Dönüş: 425 TL

3- Öğrenci Gidiş – Dönüş: 320 TL (Öğrenci kartı/belgesi ibrazı zorunludur.)

4-Özel Gereksinimli Misafirler: 320 TL (Kart ibrazı zorunludur.)


Damaged Tickets
1. It is the passenger's responsibility to keep the purchased ticket.

2. It is not possible to return or renew the lost, soaked, torn, or worn out tickets. In this case, the passenger cannot pass through the turnstiles even if the ticket receipt is with him.

3. The ticket is personal use only

4. The transportation times of the cable cars and chairlifts may vary due to weather conditions and technical reasons.

Ticket Usage Rules

  • Tickets are for single occupancy.
  • The ticket is valid for the date (day) of purchase.
  • The purchased ticket can be returned within the date (day) purchased, provided that it has not been used, excluding force majeure (natural disaster, technical problems, etc.).
  • Boarding the cable car is from the Main Station platforms.
  • Passenger can exit from turnstiles at 1200 Station in the direction of exit. Passengers can pass the restaurant, amphitheater, game, entertainment and shopping areas by having their ticket pass through the turnstiles.
  • After the 1200 Station tour, the passengers who will continue to the 1700 Landing Station can pass to the cable car by having their ticket pass through turnstiles.
  • Cable car tickets are also valid for the chairlift lines.
  • Passengers can get on the 1700-1800 Chairlift Line by having their ticket pass through the turnstiles, and reach the runway, cafeteria and social areas at an altitude of 1800 meters.
  • It is enough to have the same ticket pass through the turnstiles, using the 1800-1900 Chairlift Line to reach the Babadağ peak at 1960 altitude.
  • The passenger, following the same route and method as his/her ticket, descends to the Main Station and completes the Babadağ Cable Car journey.
  • Cable car passengers cannot have their ticket pass through more than one turnstile at the same location.
  • Passengers who have their ticket pass through the turnstile for the return direction cannot switch to the upward exit direction again. This rule applies to all stations.