1200 Concert Stage

The peak point of fun is at an altitude of 1200 meters!

In the heart of Ölüdeniz, when the clouds are under your feet and the sky is right next to you, the stage turns into a view and entertainment turns into the experience of your life.

Babadağ Cable Car meets you with events, concerts and shows all year long at our 1200 Concert Stage, and we experience the fun at peaks.

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July – August Babadag Cable Car Concerts

The sunset and the rising of the stars meet at the Babadag Teleferik 1200 Concert Stage!

An unforgettable concert series in the unique view of Ölüdeniz awaits you at the Babadağ Teleferik 1200 Concert Stage.

Take your place in these starry nights that will start on 8 July and last until 17 September, and enjoy the summer at Babadağ Teleferik!

Tickets at Biletix!

8 July Cem ADRIAN
9 July Hande YENER
10 July Murat DALKILIÇ
11 July AFARA Uğur ASLAN
12 July Volkan KONAK
13 July Serdar ORTAÇ
14 July Fatih ERKOÇ –  Kerem GÖRSEV – TRİO
15 July Hakan ALTUN
16 July Melek MOSSO
20 July Haluk LEVENT
22 July Anadolu Ateşi
24 July Emircan İĞREK
26 July Koray AVCI
29 July BERKAY
31 July Yaşar
3 August Manga
5 August Çakal & Reckol
24 August Ümit Besen, Cengiz Kurtoğlu
2 September İzel-Çelik-Ercan
14 September Hakan Altun
17 September MFÖ