Cable Car


We worked together with Swiss Bartholet Maschinenbau AG, the world's leading company in the field of ropeway systems, amusement parks, mechanical engineering and lighting systems, in the construction of Babadağ Teleferik.

Bartholet, which sets the world standards in ropeway technology, offers high-security ropeway systems by equipping the ropeway systems it has planned and built in accordance with European CEN norms and harsh natural conditions with modern technologies.

With the expertise of Bartholet, which has been planning and constructing ropeways in mountainous and urban areas for more than 55 years, we carry life high in Babadağ, one of the most beautiful places in our country and the world.


Main Station

This station is located on the main road of Ölüdeniz at an altitude of 226 meters. Our cable car ticket purchase, information and administrative offices are located in this station. Boarding the cable car is made from this station.


Station 1200

Our first stop on the way to the summit of Babadağ is station 1200. Here, you will refresh yourself on the walking path surrounded by the inspiring green of cedar trees, and add color to your life with enjoyable concerts given in our open-air theater.

While your children are having fun at the playground specially designed for them, you will discover flavors you have never tasted before in our 1200 Restaurant, where we bring you the most special flavors of Anatolia.

You will witness the adrenaline-filled moments where adventure lovers meet the sky while collecting unforgettable memories accompanied by the unique lagoon view of Teras Cafe.


Station 1700

Every station of Babadağ is full of surprises that will add unique pleasure to your life. You will witness fascinating moments with the magnificent sunset scene of the observation terrace while you experience the flavors and specially made wines of 1700 Grill & Wine Bar that you will not forget for a long time. While spending time on the walking path passing through the biological pond and cedar trees, you will see how generous the nature is to us, and you will share the excitement of the paragliders jumping from 1700 meters.


Station 1800

We continue to increase the excitement. Enjoyable moments are at Station 1800 with our walking path where you will integrate with nature, our 1800 Burger House restaurant where you can enjoy the view with delicious hamburgers and our jumping track where the adrenaline is increasing.

For station 1800, you can choose the promenade or you can reach it with a unique experience by using the 1700-1800 chairlift line without paying an additional fee with your cable car ticket.


Station 1900 / Babadag Peak

At 1900 meters, we are at the peak of Babadağ, where the excitement is at its peak. Here, at 1900 Tapas & Taco Bar, you will discover the extraordinary tastes of Mexican and Spanish Cuisine, and experience the adventure at the top of the Patara and North tracks.

The chairlift line offers an enjoyable option for those who want to climb the 1900 altitude peak of Babadağ, such as 1800 Station.

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